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The extension to the Viriato factory facilities is developed like a new façade that reinvents the image of the whole industrial complex, incorporating new functions within a compact, rational footprint: Open-space working areas on the first floor and meeting rooms on the second floor; on the ground floor, the accesses and a public reception area. The building has its back parallel to the existing building, creating a strong tension for its physical proximity, and the building is raised above the ground to allow for a covered parking area, and places the main façade parallel to the road, generating a triangular shape for the cantilevered volume. Its composition is based on a classical criterion, providing a portico with a base corresponding to the two slab supports in exposed concrete, a shaft corresponding to the main beam, bridging the free 25m span, and a capital, corresponding to the horizontal opening that provides light to the offices, surmounted by a metal beam, the capping cornice for the whole composition. The symmetry of this principle is distorted by the triangular movement of the volume and the opening of a large window at the end, which lightens the building cantilever. The main façade thus gains considerable prominence as if it were an added layer to the original volume.
62.1 planta de implantacao
62.2 planta gerais
premio secil 2

"móveis viriato" administrative building and show-room
(1st prize, private competition)
secil award 2008
móveis viriato, s.a.
terronhas industrial area,
recarei, rebordosa, paredes, portugal
2005 - 2007
building area:
775 m2
nuno brandão costa
marta reis,
inês pimentel

structural engineer:
(gesbau, engenharia & gestão, lda.),
marta gameiro (gravidade, engenheiros, lda.)
hydraulic engineer:
(gesbau, engenharia & gestão, lda.)
electrical engineer:
maria da luz santiago
(rs & associados)
mechanical engineer:
raul bessa (get)
lettering design:
miguel palmeiro
arménio teixeira