orgânico racional
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The exhibition Orgânico Racional is an exploratory synthesis of Pedro Ramalho’s work, based on an over- view of the architect’s collection, recently donated to Casa da Arquitectura. The exhibition aims to reveal the importance, the outstanding quality and coherence of the architect’s body of work, by showing the physical and conceptual resistance of his buildings and the timelessness of his architecture — impermeable to artistic tendencies, stylistic fads, critical movements or agendas. Much like its author, Ramalho’s work is discreet, elegant and meticulous. It is an architecture that is classic in origin — geometrically simple and yet typologically recognisable, designed and proportioned in logical and repetitive programmatic structures —, conceived and informed by the architect’s rationalist background and an unfailing organicist root, which denotes a particular sensibility regarding the building site and its environment, at the moment of construction.

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orgânico racional - exhibition
curatorship and exhibition project:
nuno brandão costa
francisco ascensão
electrical engineer:
raúl serafim
graphic design:
marta ramos
book design:
teresa serôdio
image processing and printing:
blues photography studio
interior photographs
(selected buildings):
francisco ascensão, luís ferreira alves

exterior photographs
(selected buildings):
andré cepeda
graphic interventions:
carlos prata, joão pedro serôdio, josé miguel rodrigues, nuno brandão costa
artistic installations:
andré cepeda, marianne muller
architecture drawings (originals):
acervo pedro ramalho, casa da arquitectura
special support:
exhibition photographs:
andré cepeda