The project provides a new layout for the ground floor of an early 20th century house located in the Foz district of Porto, which had already been subjected to prior intervention. The aim was to turn the space, which was compartmentalised before, into a communal open plan where the kitchen, dining and living areas and the study were organised into fluid areas by opening the façade to the small back patio. The opening of the span and the need to support the load-bearing stone wall made it necessary to introduce a new structural element. To make its construction and erection easier we chose a pillar and metal beam structure whose integration into the existing façade became naturally and legitimately the new personality of the building. A wooden deck was extended into the courtyard to the south, carrying the living room outwards, and intensifying the suggestion created by the interior space. At the far end of the exterior area, a small outdoor swimming pool accentuates the lively, self-indulgent character of the site, establishing an interesting and unexpected relationship with the neighbouring buildings and the trees in the area.

house in foz
foz, porto, portugal
building area:
160 m2
nuno brandão costa
cíntia pires

structural engineer:
ana isabel vale (abprojectos)
hydraulic engineer:
miguel vale (abprojectos)
electrical engineer:
maria da luz santiago (rs associados)
mechanical engineer:
raul bessa (get)
andré cepeda